About Vikki

Vikki Gadd is both an experienced healer and aromatherapist, and has been practising crystal therapy for over 19 years.

Using her knowledge and expertise of crystals, meditation and energy systems, Vikki is able to intuitively read your energy fields with the assistance and direction from her spiritual guides, to perform a completely unique and bespoke healing treatment.

Vikki specialises in the clearance of blocked energy memories which can have a direct and often negative influence on your present wellbeing and your future contentment. Whether that is in:

  • Acceptance
  • Relationships and love
  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Success
  • Spirituality
  • Happiness

Vikki works to clear on a very deep molecular healing level, using her expertise and knowledge she is guided always by you the client to gain access to the very root cause of a problem by directly interacting with your true inner self.

This enables profound healing of past negative experiences or thought forms to be released, allowing you to clear, accept and find a deep sense of peace within yourself.

Knowing that your past no longer needs to shape your future, the very essence of your purity will be able to blossom and shine.

Crystal Healing Therapy clears and helps to heal a huge variety of conditions whether they be physical, emotional, spiritual or mental, including:

  • Addictions and abuse
  • Conceiving
  • Depression & grief
  • Headaches, ailments & illness
  • Traumas
  • Relationships and sexual problems
  • Past Life and present life
  • Soul and Zen searching

This list is only a small example of the conditions that Crystal Therapy can help with, for a specific enquiry please don’t hesitate to contact Vikki, where she will be happy to advise.

She works from her home salon in the beautiful country village of Bollington in Cheshire, although healing sessions in the comfort of your own home can of course be arranged.

Vikki is also a facilitator for Crystal Healing talks and holds regular crystal and angel therapy workshops, and weekly meditation classes, as well as being a guest lecturer for colleges and universities.

She is a member of I.P.H.M the international practitioners of holistic medicine, as well as being a fully qualified Aromatherapist, Energy Reader and Crystal Healer, holding Healing Touch Level 2 and the Crystal Healing S.V.A certificates to an advanced level.


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