Advanced Crystal Energy Therapy


  • Areas of psychological functioning/dysfunctioning for each chakra
  • Auric depreciation
  • Advanced chakra work
  • Positive and negative actions of the chakras
  • Earth Star
  • Hara line
  • Tan tien
  • Advanced Smokey quartz and shugite clearance
  • Subtle bodies
  • Advanced crystal layouts
  • Crystals as energy forms

There will be practical demonstrations and sessions throughout the course.

Tuition offered
A full days tuition which will be 80% practical with 1 teacher and maximum 7 students.

Qualification offered
Full diploma in Crystal  Energy Therapy and an ability to practice and charge for these services.

Price: £250
Non refundable deposit of £60 required when booking.

Can be paid in Instalments of 

£60 Deposit

Followed by three monthly instalments of £64

Please email at if you wish to pay by instalments.


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