Back to basics

What the hell is Meditation anyway?

Hi everyone I do hope that you are all great and enjoying this amazing sizzling sunshine.

I really wanted to write to you today about meditation as so many of my clients, students and myself get very confused about what it actually is and most importantly are we doing it right?

Well you know what I have been “meditating” for over 20 years and I’m quite sure that I’m still not doing it right in some peoples eyes. But what I do know is that I wouldn’t be able to do my job or feel as grounded and connected  as I do if I didn’t park my backside down every morning holding crystals and plugging myself back in.

The word  “meditation” can conjure up so many images and almost pigeon hole you into how others believe you should look or behave. Like some form of cult that you do or don’t want to be part of.

Making many of us feel intimidated and “I’m not in that gang” kind of feelings going on.

It’s such a shame for we all can absolutely do it, we can wear what ever we choose and tap into it whenever or however we please. Tie dye not essential! 😉

For me its just a daily reconnection to my authentic self, my soul, my truth.

Whatever you wish to call it.

I tend to un- hippyfy it, buts that’s just me, as I am an intuitive energy reader and feeler. I can actually see and feel an energy exchange happening when we “meditate”. Our auric field (energy bubble around us) expands, brightens and clears just by holding crystals and then couple that with deep breathing and relaxation then you are going to realign yourself totally and plug right back into yourself instead of spinning out of control or feeling out of your body.

Yes you’re going to get pesky thoughts or even a down right barrage of bullying ones, for we are meant to think we are humans!

The thing is to know this, do not compare, other days you will be better, enjoy it, allow the thoughts to pass and just keep bringing yourself back to your breathing and feeling the subtle or not so sometimes effects of crystal.

Have another go, this is a meditation or reconnection I wrote and recorded to help us all remember what its for and how to enjoy the basics.

Suitable for absolutely everyone, always!

This is my favourite Smokey that I’m loving right now.

Back to basics plugging in…

Please feel free to add any comments or ask any questions you wish and I will get back to you

Thank you