Chakra Crystal Chart

This is a wonderful chart to help you with the basics of which crystals you can use on your energy centres or chakras. Wherever you see the coloured logo by a product, this instantly tells you which chakras it will help balance and clear. Helping you get the most out of your crystals.

Crown Chakra The Crown ChakraIntuition | Concentration | Thought formsAmethyst | Clear Quartz | Lepidolite | Sugilite | Selenite | Celestite
Brow Chakra The Brow ChakraMeditation | Insight | Mind clearance
Fluorite | Amethyst | Clear Quartz | Rose Quartz | Shungite
Throat Chakra The Throat ChakraSpeak truth | Speak from the heart | Singing
Blue lace agate | Sodalite | Turquoise | Aqua aura | Larimar
Heart Chakra The Heart ChakraSelf love | Compassion | Unconditional love | ForgivenessRose Quartz | Watermelon Tourmaline | Kunzite | Scolocite | Rhodacrosite
Solar Plexis Chakra The Solar PlexusSelf confidence | Self belief | Emotional Centre | Energy and VibranceCitrine | Golden Calcite | Rutilated Quartz | Sunshine Aura
Sacral Chakra The Sacral ChakraSexual centre | Creativity | Relationship Centre | Sexual Energy | ConceptionCarnelian | Agate slice | Jasper | Smokey Quartz | Orange Calcite
Root Chakra The Root ChakraSafety | Grounding | Physical Energy | Security | Fearless | Tethered to SoulBlack Tourmaline | Jet | Hematite | Smokey Quartz | Shungite | Red Jasper

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