About the Courses

I have been specialising in Crystal Therapy for over 18 years now and feel the time has come to share the love!

I’m offering action packed 1 day courses, which are:

My school has been verified and accredited by IPHM. This means for every course you attend you’ll receive a certificate of attendance.

If you find that you just can’t get enough of crystal therapy and choose to partake in 3 or more 1 day courses you shall then have the accolade of being a qualified Crystal Energy Therapist and go on to practice as you desire.


Perfect for those who wish to learn about crystals and how you can bring them into your everyday life to enrich every part of it.

The day will include:

  • Deep meditation with crystals and our Angels
  • Life skills with crystal
  • Empowerment and reconnection to yourself and soul
  • Home/ office enhancements such as crystal grids and layouts, plus top tips
  • Mini specialist treatments for use on self and family/ friends
  • Fun and laughter
  • Healthy snacks and copious amounts of crystal elixir and refreshments
  • Unique and gorgeous crystal packs and one offs will be available to purchase
  • And a chance to meet and work with like minded beautiful beings!

Beginners Course Dates

Friday 23rd APRIL 2021  Zoom session 5pm until 7pm

Followed by Practical  Saturday 24th APRIL 2021  10am to 3pm


Friday 24th September Zoom session 5pm until 7pm

Followed by Saturday 25th practical 10am until 3pm in my home salon.



The next level in the courses. The day will include more deep meditation with higher vibratory crystals plus:

  • Learning how to work with a pendulum
  • Chakra diagnosis
  • Deeper chakra clearance and alignment
  • Specialist treatments such as Smokey Quartz clearance
  • and more

Intermediate Course Dates

Friday 26th FEBRUARY 2021 Zoom 5pm to 7pm

Followed by Practical Saturday 27th FEBRUARY 2021 10am to 3pm


Friday 21st MAY 2021 Zoom 5pm to 7pm

Followed by Practical Saturday 22nd MAY 10am to 3pm in my home salon.


Friday 29th October 2021 on Zoom 5pm until 7pm

Followed by Practical Saturday 30th October 2021 10am until 3pm in my home salon.





The final day course you need to attend to be able to practice. The day includes many of the above but in greater detail plus:

  • Studying of the Hara line
  • Earth star and Tan tien
  • The subtle bodies
  • Advanced crystal layouts
  • Auric depreciation and so much more!

Advanced Course Dates

Friday 26th March 2021 Zoom 5pm to 7pm

Followed by Practical Saturday 27th March 2021 


Friday 18TH JUNE 2021 Zoom 5pm to 7pm

Followed by Practical Saturday 19th JUNE  10am to 3 pm in my home salon.


Friday 19th November 2021 Zoom session 5pm to 7pm

Followed by Practical Saturday 20th November 2021 10am until 3pm in my home salon.



This course is not required for your qualification but will assist you in greater depth

  • Entity removal
  • House clearances
  • Past life regression
  • Deep emotional blockage removal
  • Clearance and acceptance of childhood traumas

Master Course Dates

Dates coming soon

If any of the above resonates with you making you warm and fuzzy inside, and you just need to know a little more please just drop me an email.

Or book direct on the booking forms.

Thanks so much

Vikki xx

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Vikki Gadd has been accepted by IPHM & agrees with our code of ethics and is classified as an Approved Training Provider.


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