Ethical Trading Statement

Always Ethically Sourced For The Utmost Positive Healing Energy

Ethically sourcing my crystals to ensure the highest welfare of the crystals and those who mine, polish, pack, source and supply them is of the utmost importance to me.

I have used my main UK suppliers for over 25 years and I trust them implicitly. They themselves have established a network of companies and individuals who they have traded with for, in some cases, over 50 years.

Their suppliers are selected for their stringent ethical standards too.

Any new supplier I use is thoroughly checked to ensure they meet my strict principles.

It is impossible for me to visit ever single one of my suppliers to validate them in person. Some are individual farmers who extract crystals from their own land or gardens in South Africa and Madagascar, as an example.

So I research and I verify and I trust the ones I work with.

The final check I have, which is the most important to me, is my ability to feel and speak with every crystal that comes to me. I can feel their energies and in most cases, trace their histories too.

Crystals have the power to change lives and my mission is to ensure that change is a positive one from creation to delivery.

Vikki Gadd