How Crystal Healing Therapy Works

Albert Einstein told us that everything from a hard oak table to the air we breathe, including our own body is composed of energy, which is a vibrating mass of atoms within molecules.

Crystals have an extremely consistent and uniform balanced energy or pulse which never ceases.

That’s why quartz crystal is used in a clock to keep the time; it’s also used in the micro chip and your credit card!

So just like a tuning fork, when we come into contact with crystal, our energies begin to resonate in alignment with each other, so the human energy field begins to harmonise with the crystalline energy to bring about peace and balance

Harmonisation can be achieved by wearing crystal in jewellery form, sleeping with them under your pillow at night, the making of a crystal elixir with filtered water, or simply holding them during meditation.

Then of course there is Crystal Healing Energy Therapy, which has a super concentrated and powerful healing effect,

In a nut shell, crystals and healing therapy with crystals helps us to:

  • Relieve and release stress
  • Amplify your healing power
  • Stimulate harmonious brain activity
  • Restore the energy structure of your body and mind
  • Stimulate personal growth
  • Create carrier waves of pure vibrant energy.