Use The Force !

Hello to all you wonderful readers, I hope that you had the best weekend.

Ours was full of garden party family fun to celebrate the Royal Wedding and just love and awesomeness in general.

Today I wanted to give us all a little reminder about how to use the force of crystals everyday, for I know that I’m feeling a little tired and delicate after the excess fun this weekend so as always I will go to my Crystal Saviours.

So here are some timely reminders on how to best “Use The Force”

Remember crystals are not just to sit looking pretty, they are tools and magnificent ones at that.

Tools to use and empower…..

This one is using the powers of stunning Blue Lace Agate Crystal in a glass of fizzy water, it is a wonderful way of keeping cool in this hot weather as blue lace agate is amazing at calming and cooling your energies. Drink in that power all day.


This is a wonderful little Crystal Grid Layout I did on myself, I have used Golden citrine and deep Smokey Quartz placed upon my solar plexus chakra with stunning needle quartz points, placed outwards. This is for calming the excess food and drink consumption, clearing and upset or anxiety and taking away any negativity. The clear points accentuate the grid and clear out the heaviness quicker.

Have a go on any chakra it is really peaceful.

Here is another beautiful yet healing way to fill yourself with crystal power.

Wear them…

There are so many ways you can use the amazing power of crystals.

Below is a video I recorded about how to use crystals in a Chakra Pack to do healing layouts on yourself or others , enjoy and use the force!!!!!


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