A Journey to the Earth Star and Beyond!

image I have just had the pleasure of working with the fabulous Krissy at Gorton Monastery this weekend, where I did treatments and also a talk on “A Journey To The Earth Star And Beyond!”

This was a huge honour to be able to share this passion and knowledge of mine with so many lovely people, all willing and eager to delve into the depths of our Earth Star to reap the rewards.
So where is the earth star?
If you are familiar with your chakra system you will know that we speak and work mostly with 7 of them which all reside within the body.
However there are additional transpersonal chakras that exist in the auric field and in the earth.
It’s these chakras which are now beginning to rise from their slumber as the earth and universes vibration is raised.
The earth star is located about 12 ” below the earth and we share this chakra with all of humanity.
Your earth star highlights individual elements and needs within yourself and your soul, as well as combining this with the energies of those closest to you and then ripple out to your community, country then world.
This immense inclusion leaves you feeling totally accepted and safe and enables you to work as one with the world whilst honouring your individuality.
So clearing and connecting with our earth stars has never been so important.
imageEarth stars come in all shapes and sizes.
I see some wonderful ones as well as terrifying lonely dark ones.
I first started to see them as a room with or without a lit fire within.
Then the more I peeled back the layers, hidden depths were revealed.
Which I believe is the doorway to our souls, where long forgotten dreams and buried nightmares reside.
Some from this life time, others from past lives.
All leave footprints or scars.
Why do we fill and block our pathway to the soul?
How I see it is, as we bumble along through our lives trying to stay on course, things happen upon us, this can start as early on as within the womb, through childhood or more recently. And depending on how painful or negative this experience was is the gauge of how much we get thrown , shoved or walk ourselves away from our true path. The trick is finding your way back. Now you can live most of your life out of alignment, and many if us do.
Feeling lost, and unhappy, and knowing that you are living parallel to your dreams instead of playing the best part in them.
But you can, if you choose too, cross over through the brambles and shrubbery, feeling the pain and processing it instead of living with its dark powers over shadowing you.
Then reconnecting with your true self and living and honouring your dreams.
How can we help ourselves?
Daily meditation or just checking in with yourself. Opening your eyes and mind and seeing and appreciating tiny wonders that bless your day, like a falling feather or magnificent rainbow , all wonders which pierce light through our heavy coats of armour. Allowing energy to pour down into us and deeply connect.
Crystals also help clear your system, and get you back on track.
To help make this a little clearer, Krissy and I came up with an “Earth Star Action Pack” which contains 7 amazing crystals and full instructions to help you clear and claim back your connection to self. Full details of the pack and where to purchase are on the website: www.serendipitycrystals.co.uk
Help yourself and begin to honour your light within, for this will ignite and empower you allowing you to become the person you were always meant to be.