Treatment Range

Distant Healing Session

This is a distant healing, consultation and treatment session with Vikki. For help with loss, grief and insomnia, for people looking for direction in their life, seeking safety or comfort or going through change and needing assurance. Also for help with anxiety, stress, concern, protection, assurance and safety. To help with feeling safe, loved, appreciated, powerful and strong.

70 minutes


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Crystal Healing Therapy

Crystal Healing TherapyA profoundly relaxing treatment, where selected crystals are placed on & around the fully clothed client whilst the therapist harmonises, clears and transforms the energies of their meridians, chakras and aura.

Treatment lasts over 1 hr –  £65

Crystal Healing Therapy with Back and Shoulder Massage

This is the most popular treatment as the treatment allows time for a chance to voice how you really feel and be heard, followed by a thoroughly relaxing back, neck and shoulder massage using organic raw coconut oil, then the laying on of crystals for the truly deep and clearing energy therapy, and again allowing time at the end to discuss the treatment in depth, what was seen hidden in the subconscious and how this can be released to allow true healing.

This treatment lasts 2 hrs – £115

Angel Card and Energy ReadingAngel Card and Energy Reading

This includes a intuitive energy reading, a chakra diagnosis and then working with my Guides and the Angel Cards to give you clearance, balance and direction in the most positive and loving way.

Treatment lasts 1 hr – £65

House Clearance

This is a clearance and removal of spirits and unwanted residual energies in your home or work place. The therapist will visit your establishment that requires healing, and using crystals, blessed water, sage smudging throughout and intuitive healing skills, will transform your home or work place.

Ideal for settling into a new home, clearing of unwanted spirits, and or dense negativity from previous owners, and allowing new light and life to enter your home.

From – £140 depending on how many rooms need clearing.