Do one thing today that scares you!

Who knows where this might lead to?

Over the Easter break a client and friend of mine invited me to join her at a networking breakfast club.

It was all easily organised thanks to Tracey and was very close to where I live, so all in all not too scary right?

Wrong, for I was really nervous even though I was all prepared and had huge crystal buddies with me, I could still feel anxiety rising. I have given talks and demos to universities and in a Monastery to over a 100 eager people yet this still got to me.

Why? After the breakfast meeting I took my fur babies out for our usual connection, download of nature and catch up on the latest gossip through sniffs. This allowed the built up emotion to unravel and reveal.

I came to the conclusion half way around that the breakfast meeting wasn’t scary at all, how can you be frightened of eggs and bacon? No it was actually me that was cranking up that fear.

Assuming in my mind that networking is just what people in suits do, professional chit chat with the odd exchange of a business card. So basically scaring myself more and worse,  I was making myself feel inadequate by comparison.

Looking at the situation now from a calmer more grounded prospective I realised that you know what ? We are all just the same, all trying to get by in this world.

Networking to me is just a cooperate word for interaction with others, hopefully not taking too much from them and definitely leaving them feeling better from the exchange. I know that this may not always be the end goal for the dog eat dog cooperate world, sell sell sell !!!! but it was how I tried to engage.

All around me all I could see was energy exchanges happening cleverly disguised in this business breakfast world as a hand shake with the occasional business card swap. For everything we do is a act of energy exchange, our energies merging checking each other out, seeing if we are compatible.

Do we like them basically, for we all know that people buy off people, we as humans need to feel and make that connection deep down on an energy level before we trust to go further.

Which then made me realise that networking isn’t scary at all, it is something that we all do everyday by casting out our energy nets and connecting with others. The more vibrant your net is the more connections you shall make.

And that is one thing that doesn’t scare me at all, for its what I aim to do and be every day, hence this non sticky blog. Be as clear and vibrant as I can possibly be every moment of every day.

Now you can get energy leeches or vampires if we want to be a little dramatic, but basically its just some can be a little over eager with the exchanges and maybe taking more that they should, but you know what some people need a little more than others at times and  the trick is to know what they are doing and rein it in when you need to.

If you meditate everyday then you are topped up and ready to share the wealth anyway.

Meditation is not just a spiritual practice to me its a life line, the constant plugging in to pure energy and life every day, connecting with the abundance of energy all around and under us which is there for the taking, whilst down loading and grounding the excess just like you would when you wire a plug, for we all need earthing!

So let’s do this, meditate and tap into the wondrous vibrant energy out there, which will clear your shit and keep you so very shiny and bright and  all ready for taking on the next thing that scares you.


The ones which screamed at me to take them to my breakfast were


A deeply dark black crystal which is actually fossilised charcoal from the monkey puzzle tree, it is light in weight yet heavy in protection an absolute wonder at keeping you safe! Come on don’t judge me I wasn’t sure what kind of energy I was throwing myself into.

And of course Rose Quartz

Who’s not going to want to surround themselves with pure unconditional love and huge hugs to boot when they’re a bit scared hey?

I actually placed three large chunks on the table I was sat at and yes of course they were fondly man handled most of the morning by lots of people there. There are not many people who can resist the energy download of Rose Quartz, even when they didn’t know why or what they were doing.

Then Sunshine Aura for the sunshine meditation.

This crystal is a stunner, it is made by bonding precious metals to clear quartz which enhances the power and vibration of this beauty, so it literally blasts you with power and sunshine.

I love crystal !!

Meditation Step into Summer

I wrote and recorded this meditation especially my son Jackson…for we all need a daily reminder to re connect and a big dollop of love, connection and sunshine.

Here is also a small video on how to cleanse your crystals as so many of you ask me how you do this.

And yes me pushing my boundaries and doing yet another thing that scared me !!







5 replies
  1. Mum
    Mum says:

    Loved this Vik x also your cleansing video so beautiful! X meditation transported me to the beach at Benllech & also let me picture the beautiful fishing boats in Malta x THANK YOU X

  2. Emma S
    Emma S says:

    That was a lovely meditation & the cleansing video was great too thankyou 🙏🏼 X looking forward to our next session xx
    Ps. Is the rich tea & empathy/ sympathy video still here. I was going to give it another watch only couldn’t find it xx

    • Vikki
      Vikki says:

      Morning Emma. I’m so pleased you enjoyed it and thank you for letting me know about the other meditations.
      I am not sure what has happened but it is getting sorted as we speak


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