The Power of a Strong Woman and Girls who Lift!

Hello to all you beautiful people, I truly hope that you are enjoying some Spring sunshine. I don’t know about you guys but I feel totally topped up, recharged and ready to roll after just a few hours in our garden tidying on Sunday. Isn’t it amazing how the suns rays can break through our grey thick cast of winter and allow our true colours to emerge.

I have felt compelled to share with you this week all the wonders I have seen with my work and family at how amazing and powerful women are. Now I know that I am coming from a totally biased perspective but even still my clients and just generally strong women have blown me away recently.

It started first with Maya moo my youngest who’s not yet 16, she has for a while now wanted to come to the gym I go to 5S, but hated to her core being with others in a conditioning class let alone sweating!

I also lift weights at the gym so I managed to sell the idea of her to come over and try that instead. As a mum and as you probably know we will protect our kids to the death, I tried to work it out that Moos first class would be as calm and reassuring for her as possible.

We booked in with Amanda the amazingly strong super woman PT who works there and I even took her early so the gym would be quieter and we could slot in a corner out of sight.

Driving all the way in I could feel Mayas energy sinking and her anxiety rising, and wouldn’t you just know it I forgot that the kids class was on so we had to walk through them all to get to the back.

Maya protested deeply and was almost physically shaking I could see she was on the brink of running for the hills,  but remaining as calm as I could I just walked her in. For I just knew once she was there she would be amazing. I really hate how fear stops so many of us including myself from doing different stuff.

Fifteen minutes in and thanks to Amandas soothing tone and expert knowledge, Maya was back squatting with 30 kilos no less and stood slap bang in the centre of the gym (as it was really busy too) where I could see her physically and mentally grow and shine before my very eyes. With a huge smile on her face and pride just pouring from her.

That’s the true empowerment of a woman right there, and all the way home I couldn’t help singing the words to her from Heather Smalls song “Proud” but obviously in the comedy value of Miranda:

“What have you done today to make you feel proud?”

Later on in the week I had so many female clients that had either been stripped of their power or just lost it in the chaos of life. Power has so many negative connotations, usually linked with control and rigidity.

As I see it, and regularly witness it myself from the broken women that walk through my doors is that with self love and care, therapy and obviously crystal we can absolutely get back to that woman we were always meant to be before life took that from us.

Powerfully strong women to me are ones who are connected deeply to their authentic self, can rise from the ashes like The Statue of Liberty. Who know that with showing your vulnerability comes with it great strength and wisdom and is how we grow, and of course girls who lift!

Power should not come from what possessions you have or what job you do.

Here’s a photo of another strong girl in our household, Bessie our bold and cocky cocker spaniel! She’s more subdued now due to age catching up with her, but still sassy.

The true power Goddess crystal which rocks my world and has been possibly over used in my sessions this week (sorry crystal) is Carnelian.

Carnelian is a deep burnt orange colour and just exudes power, like fire it will consume all blockages in sight whilst filling you with energy and warmth. It is known as The Goddess Crystal for it does empower you, reconnects you to your true identity and creates an explosion of creativity with simmering sexual power to boot!

Carnelian is a favourite of mine for clearing all blockages within the sacral chakra which unfortunately is where us women hold a lot of excess baggage here, thanks to unharmonious relationships and some men taking their power believing its theirs.

Excellent for conception as I have many pregnant clients, having the most beautiful crystal babies to prove that too.

What a wonder!

Here’s a little video below I recorded on the wonders of Carnelian and how to work with her, of course she’s a girl!

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Thank you all and I hope you have an amazing Easter break


Love to all







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  1. Barbie
    Barbie says:

    Love this Vik but sad I have no carnelian at the caravan x going to try find some x maybe Moelfre XX I really have to bring more crystals to Anglesey!! X

  2. Nicola Clifford
    Nicola Clifford says:

    So much to love in this video. I’m definitely going to start wearing Carnelian in my pockets and I’m in constant need of new ideas and inspiration, this is going to help with that. We used Carnelian on Flynns Sharing Day and plopped them into the water, I love the River Elixir of Goddess energy and rebirth! I love your style of presenting too, so relaxing, authentic and informative, great job Vikki xxxx

    • Vikki
      Vikki says:

      Thank you so much Nicola I’m so very pleased you enjoyed it.
      There is plenty more to come 🙂
      Enjoy all of that Goddess power!!


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