Protection, maintenance and Spring cleaning

Howdy you guys!

How’s your week been? Really good I hope. I’m feeling totally inspired to clear up and clear out.

Probably all down to the wonders of nature which you can just feel revving up a notch getting ready for the huge outburst of Spring. I implore you all to just get out there and feel the vibrations of our next super season about to explode.

Protection is also so very important as on my walks this week I noticed that the really cute and hilariously nosey Alpacas which I pass daily,  have now sadly lost their home and shelter due to the ferocious winds of the late storm. Looking at them all homeless and exposed got me thinking about how we all need safety and protection, and we very often associate this with our homes. When in actual fact our energetic bodies or auric field is our first line of defence.

Its this protective bubble that we should first and foremost look at keeping safe, protected and free from holes, debris or attachments. Enabling us to have the best possible security whilst continuing to grow.

For our auric field and our physical bodies are merely a metaphoric reflection of what is all around us anyway, like our homes for instance.

Always look into your own life and your energy system if things are constantly going wrong within your home.


You may call me mad but I know these things ;0 😉

For instance:

Leaks of any kind = Over spill of emotions

Blocked drains = Backed up energy or poor digestion

Broken doors, windows and fences etc = Holes or tears within your auric field.

So as Spring is almost upon us let’s clean, spruce up and let go.

General maintenance is required, I feel I need to let go of the old shabby grey heavy overcoat that has served me well in the winter but now I should just shed and allow the more appropriate teqnicoloured dream coat of Spring to make its debut.

We can of course choose not to drop the old, and yes resistance can be felt, but the new has no where to thrive if we hold onto the worn-out old.

I have great awareness of how I am feeling in the process of shedding the old crap, and once my old heavy coat has gone I could feel the odd tear, blockage and just general sticky urgggghh on me, which needed to go.

Hence this meditation of clearing out and the constant need to refuel myself with high vibrational goodies which have all the colours of the rainbow in.

No more stodgy beige food for me this week for I am growing a new shiny and multi coloured skin.














I also lured Jackson my wonderful son into eating some colour in an attempt to fill his world with colour too, which he ate hole heartedly apart from the kale crisps which he refused! ;0 Baby steps hey.

And yes! they are pumpkin seeds in my smoothie and soup, let’s get pumped 🙂

The crystals I would recommend for this meditation are


The wonder of light and energy, allows us to let go have fun and be more effervescent.

Brings forth confidence and self esteem in abundance.


This optical clear cube of power, with its complex matrix encourages us to re grow and mend our own matrix of energy or auric fields.

Also opens doors to allow release of any blocked emotions, with precision and care.


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Thank you




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