I visited Vikki for crystal healing therapy as I had suffered a sudden bereavement and wanted help and guidance in accepting what had happened and finding the inner strength to cope with it and move forward. I had a programme of four sessions with Vikki and after the first session felt enlightened and lifted and had the ability to start accepting the loss of my sister.

The following three sessions slowly brought back an inner strength that had long been hidden and I now face each day with enthusiasm and a lustre for life and all its challenges. I hope that my experiences of crystal healing can help others see what it can offer and how it can help in dealing with what life throws at you.


My first visit I felt unsure on what to expect and what to achieve from crystal healing. During this I found myself very reserved but Vikki put me at ease as soon as I arrived. I found the experience relaxing and uplifting.After my second visit, I was able to relax a lot more and actual fell asleep! I have been much happier since and feel like a huge weight has been lifted. Vikki is able to see where you need healing and helps you through this. It is a great experience and would recommend it to anyone.


I had a Crystal Healing treatment by Vikki Gadd at a time when I was experiencing acute stress and anxiety. I knew very little about Crystal Healing so attended my appointment with a very open mind. I felt very relaxed and comfortable with Vikki as she explained what I might experience and what the treatment would comprise of.

I felt very relaxed as she conducted the treatment although on one occasion I felt my face tingling all over and felt quite agitated and distressed. As soon as this happened, Vikki “grounded” me and the tingling and agitation ceased and I was left feeling very calm. After the treatment Vikki explained that this was a release of pent up anxiety and stress and I did feel considerably more chilled and calm after the treatment.

I will have another treatment and would recommend it to anybody. I certainly believe in the healing powers of crystals and have even purchased some of my own!

A Hanrahan

I love my crystal healing treatments and I am fascinated by how it works (but it does baffle me still).  In the end I stopped questioning the process I just went with my gut feelings and listened to what was happening to my body during the treatment. The crystal healing was magical and worked wonders for me.

I felt for a while my inner core was not lined up correctly and I could feel the emotional negative energy stuck to certain parts of my body which was making me feel out of sync. I also had a continual neck problem.   Through the crystal healing sessions I could start to  feel my whole body change, I would have tingling sensations, the shakes and at times overwhelming feelings of sadness that made me cry. This was all part of the wonderful clearing out process.

How do I feel now?  I have benefited so much from the crystal healing, my inner core feels where it should be – I feel light and free.  Through Vikki’s meditation crystal workshop’s too  I have learnt how to meditate so I can keep grounded, clear any blocked chakras from the day to day stresses of life and when in a meditative state I ask for daily guidance and the answer  appears.

Vikki  has a  very special healing gift  and has helped me so much during my transitional period, and I am so thankful for all her support and kindness over the past 2 years, she has been brilliant.

Kathy H

 My experiences of Crystal Therapy with Vikki have been wonderful. I have gone to her feeling I needed “something” to sort my life out for me and at the end of each session that “something” has been provided. Crystal therapy addresses all our needs, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual, all or any of which can become drained by day to day living. By the end of a session with Vikki those “cups” are refilled and I am enabled go back into the world and continue to enjoy all life’s challenges.

Chris R

Meeting Vik and understanding about crystal has changed my life from one of getting through the day to living in the moment and enjoying life. Crystal therapy is a very extraordinary experience and one that is quite hard to put into words and do it justice, it really is a therapy to be experienced!

Vik is very knowledgeable, caring and loving person who I have great respect, trust and love for and over the years she has been very open in sharing information on all aspects of crystal energy, from how it all works, which crystals to use at home to complement the therapy and help  it last longer to mediation, making elixirs and recommending books to read. I feel I can BE who I am, rather than the person “I Made” to fit into the world. Thank you so much Angel, I am grateful, grateful, grateful!


Vikki’s crystal work is absolutely brilliant. I found Vikki at a real crossroads in my life and the session we had was very strengthening, clarifying and affirming and I felt very empowered by the whole experience. Vikki is someone I felt relaxed with straight away and the whole experience was a wonderful, meaningful and thoroughly enjoyable one. I would recommend everyone to give it a go, it could really change your life. The crystal meditation session I went to was really wonderful too and deeply relaxing and a refreshing change from the humdrum of day to day life. So often we neglect the spiritual side of our life that is so important. Vikki’s crystal work  is a wonderful way of bringing peace and harmony into our lives and redressing that balance.


Crystal healing has helped me enormously on so many levels; physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. My health problems have improved and I am able to deal with an ongoing stressful issue so much better than before.


I really enjoy and benefit both emotionally and physically from my crystal healing treatments with Vikki, they are relaxing and calming and I come out feeling ready to face the world! I would definitely recommend the treatment to others.

Juliet Coll

It was through Vikki that I gained my love of crystals. I learned how each one has is own, unique power. Anyone can learn the mechanics of using crystals to heal, however very few have the power to open their intuition enough to be able to both “Diagnose” and then guide you through the things you need to work on. Vikki has this gift, and works in a calming, nurturing manner. She is not afraid to share knowledge, and does so with love and kindness. I also want to recommend that those of you who have a session will get the most benefit from it if you continue to work on yourself between sessions. Vikki will instruct you how to do this, and it will increase the results manyfold. Don’t be afraid to at least have one session and I am sure that you will be returning for more.

Lisa Swindells

Hi Vikki, I can’t thank you enough! I feel amazing and I woke up at 4:00am this morning feeling really refreshed and really wanted to go out and play, shock to the system when I looked at the clock and saw what time it was. Lol. I haven’t felt this good in a long long time. You truly are a wonderful and talented lady! Can’t wait for the next session. Many thanks.

Ange Mainwairing

Thanks again for all you’ve helped me through these last 12 months….it Would of been a very different journey for me without you and your amazing abilities….. I feel completely different Xxxxxx

Sharon E