Treatment FAQ

Who can it help?

Crystal healing works on so many levels:

  • Physical – colds, to more serious ailments and illnesses
  • Emotional – clears the traumatic residual energy stored in our energy systems and physical body
  • Mental – reconfigures negative thought patterns
  • Spiritual – opens up our higher chakras or energy centres to allow a more open-minded understanding of our world.

Chakras are like our energy doorways, they are vortices of energy and light which our bodies use in every moment of our lives to read situations, to feel other peoples intent, to feed our

own bodies with light and energy, to exchange our negative energies for positive energies and to experience pure true unconditional love.

Not only can you clear and restore energies in the body using crystal healing therapy, energies and blockages in your home can also be cleared and energised, whether that be blockages from unwanted “guests” or your home in general requires the old patterns and energies to be wiped and cleared ready for new beginnings.

Why is it good to release this residual energy?

Because it can leave us feeling heavy and full with negativity, resulting in less energy, feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, and this may then attract similar situations or relationships as negative energy is like a magnet for more destructive thought patterns and behaviour.

When your energy space is full or blocked you may find it hard to feel inspired which can lead to depression, a feeling of anger and the need to control other people and external factors far more, as you subconsciously feel out of control within yourself.

Can I afford this?

The extremely deep and profound clearance work that Vikki is able to perform on and within your energies and thought patterns with crystals and her bespoke energy transformation, WILL change your life.

This will be an investment in your future, so you will finally be able to live from your “true soul pattern” rather than the pattern of life that has been etched upon you through pain, abuse or fear.

How much does it cost?

Treatment prices vary, starting with a 30 minute taster session at £40, an hour long crystal therapy session is £50 and a two hour crystal therapy session with aromatherapy back massage is £85

Will I need a course of treatments?

All clients are individual and I can only assess as to whether you will require a course of therapy after the initial treatment. Some clients only need one treatment, others more.

How long will it take?

Most people opt for the full crystal healing energy treatment with a back, neck and shoulder massage which takes just over 2 hours, or if you are short of time treatments can start at just 30 minutes.

Can I park nearby?

Parking is available on the drive of the house for up to four cars.

Is it private?

The salon in which I work from is in the basement of our house, overlooking the garden, and there is a private entrance.

Do I need to undress?

If you just have the crystal healing therapy there is no need to undress, however if you book in for the 2 hour crystal therapy with massage, then you shall be required to undress to your waist only.

Can I book in on a Saturday and/or evenings?

Yes I do work Saturdays and two evenings a week.

What payment methods do you accept?

Cash or cheque after each treatment, or you may pay through PayPal before each treatment.